Pearls Part 4

Pearls Part 4

Pearls Part 4

Care for your pearls part 4

Pearls of wisdom even!

I found the topic interesting as there are things I found out that I never realised were necessary.  Pearls are very soft and need special care.  They should never be tossed on top of or next to other gems.  They will only get damaged this way.

Store your Pearls in a soft jewellery pouch or in their own earring box.  Pearls can also be damaged perfume vinegar and lemon juice.  So take care around these items when you are cooking or even putting on makeup etc.

Please find below a few helpful guidelines to help maintain your pearls and you will have these pearls forever.

  1. Only use jewellery cleaners marked safe for pearls.
  2. Don’t use an ultrasonic cleaner.
  3. Don’t Steam clean.
  4. Don’t expose pearls to ant industrial cleaner or polisher.
  5. Don’t use a toothbrush or any other type of brush to clean your pearls.
  6. Don’t hang dry pearls.
  7. Take pearls off when applying makeup or any other cosmetics.
  8. Make sure and have your pearls restrung once a year.

All our pearls unfortunately are not real but we take such care to make sure they are the best looking ones available for sale.  They are hypoallergenic, Nickel free and Sensitive for your ears prices starting from €8, Have a look at the Pearl selection by Ear Sense.

Pearls Part 4 polishing and cleaning

Pearls Part 4 polishing and cleaning


Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom

From the only grandparent I knew, Great Aunts and relatives there were always pearls of wisdom so in researching jewellery, trends and stories I came across a poem by Meghana Chandrasekhar.  You can take whatever you like from its meaning…….

A pearl which is rare and precious than anything else in this world

A Pearl which is found from the deepest part of the sea

I have a Pearl given by god

A Pearl which shines equally to a diamond or a star

And I love this Pearl because it glows

Showing me light and brightens my life like a candle making darkness vanish

I know that everyone cannot get such a Pearl

Even if one struggles and suffers in life to get such a beautiful Pearl.

I want you to know that I can never find such a Pearl again as it’s the one and only of its kind

This Pearl is nothing but you mother yes you and only you

Thank you god for giving me such a rare and precious pearl.

By: Meghana Chandraeskhar

Everyone loves to hear stories about this and that and no one takes the time to just read a simple poem.  After reading so much news in my lifetime I suppose I never really took the time to stop and listen to the words I was speaking so that I could fully appreciate how those words came about.  Poetry will never be my strong point but I know that when I read a book it truly is the only time I am fully alone with myself.  The book launches me into the world it describes and when I read this poem in my research of anything jewellery i suppose it stuck to my mind so now I share it with you .

Pearls continued part 3

Pearls continued part 3

Pearl Stud Earring 8mm

Pearls continued part 3…..

This is a third instalment on pearls that we have done on Earsense and it won’t be the last but we will try to keep them all interesting.  Like diamonds Pearls have their attributes that need to be looked at before purchasing so you know what you are getting.  In Diamonds it is easier as there are only 4 things, Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight.  For pearls however you are looking for the following:

Pearl quality

Lustre – It is the quantity and quality of light reflected from the surface of a pearl which denote quality.  You should be able to see your own reflection clearly o the surface of a very high lustre pearl.

Nacre – Good Nacre thickness gives a pearl longer life and more luster.

Blemishes – if there is anything that disturbs the smoothness of a pearl it in turn will diminish the value of the pearl.

Overtone – This is one or two of the colours that overlie the body colour of the pearl.

Shape – The rounder the pearl makes the pearl more valuable.

Colour – To see the colour at its best place it on a clean white surface. The value of the pearl depends on the colour but in no way diminished the beauty of them.  They can come in a various amount of colours and each one chosen depends on the wearer.

Pearl lengths in necklaces are another thing that I had to look up as the names led me to seeing a different thing to what they actually were.  So like diamonds have a various amount of sizes and styles so do pearl necklaces.

Choker =              14” to 16”

Princess =            12” to 19”

Matinee =           20” to 24”

Opera =                28” to 34”

Rope =                  Over 34”

We have a huge selection of pearl earrings in our shop at, ones that are sure to suit everyone’s styles young or old, Lisa Simpson to Marge Simpson.  Although they are not the real deal they are so beautiful who would know as they look stunning and with prices starting at €8 who could say no.

Pearls continued

Pearls continued

Pearls continued…..

I suppose it should be said that the most valuable pearls are found naturally in oysters from my memory or was that little mermaid, flashbacks of childhood coming back to me and confusing the memory.


Imitation pearls like the ones we use are used in fashion or costume jewellery which makes them a very useful decoration piece.   There are several different types of fake pearls, examples of these are as follows:

Bathed Pearls                    Bohemian Pearls

Glass Pearls                        Mother of Pearl

Pearls are judged in quality by using a variety of methods like Lustre, Nacre thickness, Overtone, Colour, Shape and Blemishes.  I will go into these in more detail at another time as there is so much you can learn about pearls I don’t want to over indulge.


One thing stood out for me and the word ‘maybe’ came up…. Nope Mabe Pearls that’s it maybe pearls are again produced in the mollusc but they only half form to create a half sphere.  They are report ably the cheapest of pearls known as the mollusc farmers usually attach a fake pearl on the back complete the product but they could be used on jewellery or clothing to better effect.  All I will say is to be aware what you are buying.  Here at  the pearls we use are imitation but we have such a huge selection time should be taken to browse our selection and enjoy the unbelievable value on offer to complete your look.  As always we are sensitive to your ears, hypoallergenic and nickel free and do not forget the life time guarantee we offer with all our earrings.




Part 1

The story can be told and told as it has been in the past and will be in the future but here is my 2 cents worth or €8 on if you prefer.  The ones you see below are 8mm White Pearl earrings on a silver back stud a classic to look at they are sensitive to your ears, hypoallergenic and nickel free.  They also come with our lifetime guarantee which make them a must have for any wardrobe or jewellery box you have.

ear sense 114 A

ear sense 114 A

Pearls have been around a very long time from my research the oldest know pearl is on display in Louvre from around 500 BC.  They were known as a symbol of the moon and had deep and magical powers, I feel like I am making this up or even that it is possible I have been watching too much game of thrones repeats but maybe I am not.   OK here comes the science part, basically Pearls are made by placing a mantle in a Mollusk were in defence of itself against the mantle tissue it covers the mantle with nacre forming the shape you see today in a lot of pearls.  It is then suspended in water, clear or seawater until it is fully formed and the mollusk can make up to 10 or more.

Now as our feature image you can see a peach or pink pearl again only €8 from .  Isn’t it stunning, the symbol of love don’t you know must store that in the memory banks for when I may next need it , and available in sizes  4, 8 and 10mm.  The pearl is also the birthstone for June alongside the Alexandrite stone which you can also see on our website.  This story has not been told in full so please follow and subscribe to us and I will tell you more in time.

Black Pearl Earrings a Poem

Poem about Black Pearl Earrings

Black Pearl Earrings a Poem

When I saw these beautiful earrings it reminded me of a poem about the black pearl..

It is written by Rosi Caswell and I believe a nice piece to share with you all now.


Precious rare and coveted

Carrying the unique shimmering black energy,

Embracing and encompassing the universal

Spectrum of colours,

Ever present, iridescent, luminous,

And whatever she needs to be

At a given time, in a given place,

Enigmatic, unfathomed and slightly feared,

By those who know not.

With dimensions ever widening,

Ever broadening outwards,

Till she comes to gently rest in the bosom

Of those who understand, love and liberate,

The qualities of the black pearl for all time.

Pearls have been around as early as 500BC where they were discovered in a tomb of an ancient Egyptian princess.  Pearls were kept for the elite of society and there rarity meant that was kept like that for a very long time. Fashion icons made them popular, and both cultured pearls and imitation pearls allowed the queen of gems to become available to the masses.  At Earsense we have these 8mm faux earring that are sensitive to your ears, hypoallergenic and nickel free and yours for the everyday affordable price of just:  ES113         €8.00

Please feel free to browse through our selection of pearl earrings as we are sure to have something to suit your personal style.  I am sure we will have exactly what you want at a price that is right.