August Birthstone Peridot Earring


August Birthstone Peridot Earring

These earrings are nickel free and hypoallergenic for sensitive ears

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August Birthstone Peridot Earring

It is a round Tiffany cut light green 4mm birthstone, claw set silver stud.  Peridot is aid to host magical powers and healing properties to protect against nightmares and to bring the wearer power, influence and a wonderful year.  In Hawaii, Peridot symbolizes the tears of Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes, as this is where this stone comes from.

The Peridot, a variety of olivine, is a It is a yellowish-green, lustrous stone, also called Chrysolite. The stone is of igneous origin, formed due to volcanic activity, and is found in shades of pale green, olive-green and lime. Ironically, the Peridot has long been revered by pirates as a talisman to ward off evil.Suitable for zodiacs Leo and Virgo.

These earrings are nickel free and hypoallergenic for sensitive ears. More severe skin reactions to jewelry are usually caused by nickel contained in the metal. A nickel allergy can occur at any age. It typically manifests 12-48 hours after first contact. The reaction may appear as an itchy, red rash with watery blisters. The affected area is usually restricted to the site of contact, although, it can sometimes be found on other parts of the body. Once a nickel allergy has developed, you will likely have this same reaction every time the metal touches your skin.

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