Cubic Zirconia Pink 5mm Silver Stud Earring


Cubic Zirconia Pink 5mm Silver Stud Earring

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Cubic Zirconia Pink 5mm Silver Stud Earring, claw set silver stud. Round Tiffany cut pink 5mm Cubic Zirconia earring. Stunning earrings perfect for evening wear.  Simply CZ the most popular diamond simulant in the world today.  They do not loose their shape and are as beautiful vibrant and colouful as any diamond.

It was first discovered in Sri Lanka but the first one made for a purpose was industrial and the Russians used it in their laser technology.  Through that industry someone saw the potential as a jewel in jewellery making.  There are many colours that can be produced in Cubic Zirconia.  Although it is sometimes looked upon as a cheap Diamond Simulant, in actuality it can be a valuable gem.  These earrings are nickel free and hypoallergenic for sensitive ears.

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