Gold Love Knot Stud Earring


Gold Love Knot Stud Earring

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Gold Love Knot Stud Earring 7mm.  The love knot is a stylised bow symbolising the bond between two lovers, so why not treat that special someone to these beautiful earrings.  These earrings are hypoallergenic and sensitive to your ears.  A stylized knot regarded as a symbol of the constancy of two lovers. Also called lovers’ knot, true lovers’ knot.  Whether Celtic style love knots are found in tattoos or jewelry, they always stand out because of their intertwining and seemingly never-ending patterns. However, besides looking beautiful, they also have a significant meaning.

The magic and mystique of a Celtic knot with their beautiful and intricate interwoven patterns are undeniable. Celtic knots are an Irish symbol that has made a mark on popular artifacts, from designer Celtic jewelry to tattoos. Celtic knots are perhaps the most identifiable symbol of Celtic art and culture. The most remarkable and mesmerizing quality of a Celtic knot design is that they have no end or beginning. There are different types of Celtic knots. The most popular type is the Celtic style love knot. Besides looking extraordinary, they also have specific meanings depending on their designs.

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