Pearl Fish Hook Earring in Silver 10mm


Pearl Fish Hook Earring in Silver 10mm

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Pearl Fish Hook Earring in Silver 10mm.

Pearls have been around a very long time from my research the oldest know pearl is on display in louvre from around 500 BC.  They were known as a symbol of the moon and had deep and magical powers, I feel like I am making this up or even that it is possible I have been watching too much game of thrones repeats but maybe I am not.

Ok here comes the science part, basically Pearls are made by placing a mantle in a Mollusc were in defence of itself against the mantle tissue it covers the mantle with nacre forming the shape you see today in a lot of pearls.  It is then suspended in water, clear or seawater until it is fully formed and the mollusc can make up to 10 or more.

The pearl is the birthstone for June but lets be fair, anyone can wear this timeless classic at any time of the year.  They come in a varied amount of sizes and colours and can suit any outfit of any style.  As you can see we have a huge selection of different styles, hypoallergenic and sensitive to ears.

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