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Buy Hypoallergenic Earrings Online In Ireland

Welcome to Ear Sense! Although we specialise in hypoallergenic earrings so that those with sensitive ears can still enjoy class and couture, everyone with pierced ears is invited to browse our online earrings store.

Fun History of Earrings

Truth be told, whoever first decided to stick a piece of metal through their ears was both mad, and genius! Can you just imagine the reactions of the people around them?

In 1991, hikers discovered a mummified body frozen in the Italian Alps. Nicknamed Ötzi, the 5,300-year-old Iceman sported borehole earrings.

As far back as 3,000 B.C., people in the Middle East wore pierced earrings to reflect their religious, partisan, or ancestral identity.

From then, Ancient Egyptians from the 19th Dynasty (1,200 – 1,186 B.C.) wore earrings to draw attention to their wealth and social standing. By the time of the Ancient Roman and Greek Empires, plain earrings were reserved for slaves and prostitutes respectively, while those in higher echelons of society adorned their earring with pearls and gemstones.

Earrings and sailors are synonymous – they pierced their ears to symbolise circumnavigating the world, wore earrings in their left earlobe after surviving a shipwreck, and often wore gold earrings to pay for a proper funeral if shipwrecked!

What Are The Best Hypoallergenic Earrings?

Do your ears get inflamed or itchy when you wear some earrings? If so, you are probably allergic to them. This need not mean the end of expressing yourself with statement earrings – you can buy earrings online that are made especially for sensitive ears.

Allergic reactions happen when your immune system overreacts to a foreign substance that is normally harmless. These particles, called allergens, can be medicines, foods, or air particles, and some people develop a rash, called contact dermatitis, just by coming into contact with metals. Weirdly, you can develop an allergy at any age through repeated allergen exposure.

The most common metal offender is nickel, with 8% to 19% of adults in Europe being allergic or hypersensitive to it. While nickel is found in things such as coins and zips, nickel allergies are often associated with earrings.

Because there is no cure for a nickel allergy, nickel free earrings and jewellery are lifesavers for fashionistas who want to accessorise an outfit. Our wide range of earrings for sale online comes with a unique lifetime guarantee against earring sensitivity.

Buy Earrings Online That You’ll Wear Again and Again

If you are looking for hypoallergenic earrings for sensitive ears, Ear Sense has a huge selection of sizes, colours, and styles. What are you waiting for? Shop earrings online now!

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I have struggled for decades to find earrings I could wear that were affordable. I am allergic to something in find jewelry, and could only wear white gold which is really expensive. Ear Sense earrings has changed all of that! These are high quality, affordable earrings and I recommend them. Shipping to the US didn’t take too long either!



Excellent experience from start to finish… Extra touches with wrapping and gift box very much appreciated… Nicely done. 👍👍

Catherine Myles


I just want to say thank you for these earrings!
I’ve had problems for over 30 years with sensitive ears, multiple piercings that all had to come out due to sensitivity and infections. I recently got my earlobes pierced again (for the 3rd time!) and your earrings have been a blessing to me as I’ll finally be able to keep them in this time round. Thank you so much, they are great and so beautiful too.



Bought three pairs of earrings for my granddaughter. Loved them so so much I bought another set of the same three pairs for another granddaughter who has a birthday soon. Delivery was super fast and the workmanship is second to none and so so reasonable. Delighted with my purchases.

Lil Downey


Our mission is delivering outstanding looking jewellery without any quality & safety compromises

We strongly believe in our products being 100% hypoallergenic and nickel-free – in fact, we believe in them so strongly each of our products comes with a Lifetime Guarantee against earring sensitivity.

The Ear Sense manufacturing process eliminates potential irritants from the whole earring, not just the post. Therefore any part of the earring can be in contact with the skin, and no reaction will occur.

Ear Sense earrings are made using a proprietary titanium alloy and contain no known allergens, surpassing every standard of metals purity worldwide.

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