January Birthstone Earring

January Birthstone Earring

January Birthstone Earring

January is here

January Birthstone Earring
January Birthstone Earring

With eyes that keenly glow             

A frost-mailed warrior

Striding a shadowing steed of snow

By Edgar Fawcett

January Poem  

A January baby can be pretty or handsome or maybe just pretty handsome.  I am sure January babies everywhere are sure to agree.  It can be a harsh month because it is so close to Christmas, some people are woe at the fact there birthday is in December and therefore have a birthday that is forgotten but a January baby goes through the same pain.

They love to dress up but are easily bored so they do become fussy people.  Now I don’t know anybody born in January but there are quite a few celebrities born in that month so maybe you can see some of these traits in them.  Randomly some names that come up in a search for me are Mel Gibson or Rowan Atkinson, Alicia Keyes, Ellen de Genres and Oprah Winfrey.  Now I am not saying they are any of these things but like my own month I can definitely see the certain characteristics.

People born in January seldom show emotion but do take time to recover when hurt, they are sensitive people so please be aware.  Although they are down to earth they surely can be stubborn.  We do have a huge selection of earrings to share with you.  From Cubic Zirconia to Pearls and don’t forget to check out our other months, we have one earring for every Garnet, the birthstone for January, signifies eternal friendship and trust and is the perfect gift for a friend.

January Birthstone Earring is for sale at Earsense.ie.  It is a beautiful Red Garnet earring so if you have that special someone who’s birthday is in January and at only €8 it is a perfect little gift to say Thank you or happy Birthday.



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