March Birthstone Earring

March Birthstone Aquamarine Earring


The March Wind Roars

Like a Lion in the SkyMarch Birthstone Aquamarine Earring

And Makes us Shiver,

As he passes by,

When Winds are soft,

And the Days are warm and clear,

Just like a Quiet Lamb

The spring is here

Author Unknown

March Birthstone Earring

The American gem society has a wealth of information but here we can give you our thoughts  A person born in March has an attractive personality that is sexy, Affectionate but shy and reserved.  They can be secretive but then most people can be like that but they are naturally honest.

People born in March are Generous and Sympathetic and love peace and serenity which sound like everyone’s kind of person to hang out with.  They are sensitive to others and a great kisser but lets not dwell on the private stuff.

Although they can be easily angered, people born in March are trustworthy, appreciative and always return kindness.  They hardly show emotions as they bottle up their feelings but are very observant and can assess others quite easily.

The hardness and durability of aquamarine make it a fine gemstone, and its light blue or aqua colour makes it a fine choice when the harsher colours of some other gemstones would overwhelm or distract from an outfit. Its typical delicate colour allows it to be used in a larger stone where its beauty can be impressive.  So this March give the gift of calm and level headedness give Aquamarine. Suitable for zodiacs Pisces and Aries, these earrings are Nickel free and hypoallergenic for sensitive ears.

Be Earsensible

March Birthstone Aquamarine Earring