June Birthstone Earring

June Birthstone Amethyst Earring


June Birthstone Amethyst Earring
June Birthstone Earring

Last June I saw your face three times;
Three times I touched your hand;
now, as before, May month is o’er,
And June is in the land.

O many Junes shall come and go,
Flow’r-footed o’er the mead;
O many Junes for me, to whom
is length of days decreed.

There shall be sunlight, scent of rose;
Warm mist of summer rain;
only this change–I shall not look
upon your face again.

By Amy Levy

June Birthstone Earring

This is about the June birthstone earring and what it means to be born in that month.  People born in June have probably got the best personalities and are an absolute pleasure to be around.  If you would like to know more about what gems and stones best suit your birth month please feel free to visit the link.   https://www.americangemsociety.org/en/june-birthstones , the society that live birthstones.

You love to make new friends and be outgoing.  This makes you so approachable and easy to talk to you as your enthusiasm can be infectious and bring other people out of their shell.  Now this works in both the professional and personal which gives you some advantages.  In the field of making new acquaintances you can be a great flirt but in a very good way.  This will get you places because people are more likely to work with you.  On a more personal note you are quite likely to have an attractive partner.  Quotes that have been said about people born in June are that, “you are a wicked hottie”

You have a love for music and more than likely have a large Record or CD collection but these days it’s probably going to be in the form of a digital library.  To add to that you will marry this to a large movie collection, as well as these are one of your passions.  In all probability you will become a famous actor/actress it may be the hot lights or maybe even in big business.  Whatever you choose it will be sure to give you plenty of attention.  Heck you do have the looks for it.

This is the June Birthstone Amethyst Earring.  It is round Tiffany cut light Amethyst 4mm birthstone, claw set silver stud.  The Amethyst is a calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual and physical plane.  It provides calm, balance, patience and peace.  Amethyst is also known, from ancient Greek times, as the sobriety stone.

In a single specimen of alexandrite, the chromium is in such a balanced situation that the colour of the specimen depends on the character of light that hits the crystal. If the light is natural sunlight or fluorescent light, the crystal will be green.  If the light is incandescent light from a common indoor light bulb, then the crystal will appear red.  It has been used for millennia to assist in getting rid of a lot of addictions.  Suitable for zodiacs Gemini and Cancer, these earrings are Nickel free and hypoallergenic for sensitive ears.

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June Birthstone Amethyst Earring
June Birthstone Earring