August Birthstone

August Birthstone Peridot Earring

August Birthstone

Verity in your light,
A truth illuminated.
6am horizon
Overcast Sky
With Sun Breaking in.
Heaven casting its glow
across the shadows of insincerity.
The season closes, warmth gone
Once again.
By Laura DeWinter

August Birthstone
A person born in August has an outgoing personality that likes to take risks. They feed on attention with no self-control. If you would like to know more about what gems and stones best suit your August birth month please feel free to visit the link. is the society that loves birthstones.

They are both kind hearted and self-confident and have a tendency to be boisterous and loud. Watch yourself though they can be Very revengeful. The kind of person born in August is easy to get along with and talk to, they have a general everything is peachy attitude.
Like all daydreamers they are easily distracted and their love for music singing and talking means that this will always be a challenge. Now all you have to do, is imagine them looking at our selection of over 200 pairs of earrings to realise they won’t know what page to look at next. Only joking they head straight for our birthstones and pick this green beauty the August birthstone earring to be first in their shopping basket.

Longing for freedom they can be rebellious when restricted and live by the moto “no pain no gain”. August is a strange month for most because it marks the end of the summer and back to school or college and the end to freedom comes ever closer. So one could say that the person born in August can be a suspect in most things but they are caring, charming and beautiful just like the weather can be. But like the weather they can be stubborn independent, strong willed and a fighter till the last.

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