3 Tips for Buying Your Partner Valentine's Day Jewellery

3 Tips for Buying Your Partner Valentine’s Day Jewellery

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, it’s essential to find the perfect gift for your partner. And while there are many wonderful Valentine’s day gifts out there, nothing beats a beautiful piece of Valentine’s day jewellery!

Not sure what jewellery gift to get your partner for Valentine’s day?

Not to worry – we’ve put together a list of three tips that you can use to find a great gift for your partner.

1.  Look at What She Already Has

The first tip involves paying attention to what your partner already has and what kind of jewellery she prefers. This is important because your partner will probably only wear jewellery pieces that she loves. So, if you notice that she’s accessorising her outfits with a necklace most of the time, this would be an excellent place to start. As a bonus, you can also compliment the jewellery she’s wearing and put a smile on her face while you learn about the jewellery she loves!

2. Figure Out Her Colours and Metal

While you figure out what type of jewellery she loves to wear, you should also figure out what colour she prefers. Some women prefer rose gold, while others prefer classic white gold or yellow gold. However, the colour of the jewellery doesn’t mean it’s only made of silver and gold – there could be a wide variety of metals and other elements added to the metal to give it a unique tone. As a result, you’ll need to find a way to get her to tell you what kind of metals are in her jewellery. To do this, you could say something like: “that gold necklace looks amazing on you.” This might prompt her to mention some details about her jewellery. For example, she could say it’s actually rose gold or even hypoallergenic metal.

3. Pay Attention to Her Outfits

Another crucial aspect of choosing a piece of jewellery for your partner is to ensure that the gift matches her outfits and unique style. For example, if your partner has a laid-back style, you should opt for minimalistic jewellery. Additionally, if your partner prefers both casual and formal outfits, you should buy jewellery that can create a versatile look. However, you could also choose fine jewellery that can accentuate her outfit. For example, if your partner prefers wearing neutral colors like black and white, you can purchase brighter colored jewellery that could add some colour to her outfits. Additionally, you might even discover that the jewellery she wears doesn’t quite match her outfits. This might mean that she doesn’t have the right piece of jewellery that goes perfectly with her personal style. 

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