Celtic jewellery_ celebrate St Patrick's Day

Celtic jewellery: celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style

Celtic-inspired jewellery is a must-have for any St Patrick’s Day and other occasions. Celtic jewellery has specific, significant meanings. Find out more about the meanings behind Celtic jewellery here.

The historic meaning of Celtic jewellery

Celtic jewellery dates back to 2000 BC. Celtic craftsmen used to create exquisite silver and gold jewellery with Celtic symbols that had many meanings. A Celtic knot, for example, represents eternity as it has no beginning or end. Celtic rings are therefore seen as a symbol of eternal love. There is also a belief that the Celtic symbol represents the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Knot is popular around Ireland and can be found in many Churches. 

Time has progressed but Celtic jewellery remains very significant and symbolic in Irish culture. Many choose to gift Celtic jewellery to keep the spirit of St Patrick’s Day going strong and to show appreciation to their loved ones. From Celtic rings, pendants, earrings, and charms – Celtic gifts are the perfect gift with style and joy surrounding any special day.

Celtic trinity knots

The Celtic Cross is popular due to representing the Holy Trinity. It has also been said that the circle was used by St.Patrick to help convert natives. Others say the symbol represents the elements. The quadrants can also represent the season of the year.

Regardless of your beliefs, Celtic trinity knots make beautiful gifts for a friend or loved one during this special day. Gifts like Ear Sense’s Celtic Trinity Knot earrings are made with exquisite material that is hypo-allergenic and the perfect match for any ear.

Gold crosses

Add a touch of beauty to any outfit on St Paddy’s Day with gold crosses and jewellery. Gold crosses represent both faith and unity. Nothing says you love someone like showing them the support of their faith. 

Ear Sense has a nickel-free and stunning Gold Cross Necklace & Earring Set that is the perfect fit with both male and female loved ones during this special occasion.

Claddagh earrings

Claddagh represents friendship and love. Claddagh gifts are popularly used to show the love between friends, partners, or spouses. A Claddagh earring like the beautiful earrings from Ear Sense shows your appreciation and gratitude for that special person spending their St Patricks Day with you.

Shamrock necklace set

The Shamrock represents the National Flower of Ireland. It is popular in our homes and St Patrick’s Day parades. If you find a four-leaf clover, consider yourself lucky according to Irish tradition. The flower was used to represent the Holy Trinity and St Paddy himself. Nothing will say St Patrick’s Day more than a Shamrock necklace set and Ear Sense has gold and silver Shamrock necklace sets for a special holiday gift.

Ear Sense believes that comfort and quality should go hand in hand. Our jewellery is made especially for sensitive ears and comes in stylish designs. We have a range for every taste and occasion. 
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