Earrings for sensitive ears online and in Ireland

Not all of us are in the fortunate position of being able to wear whatever jewellery we choose. Many people search for earrings for sensitive ears online, looking to fill the urgent need for jewellery that won’t trigger their allergies. There are great options available, such as here at Ear Sense, but it is always important to be an informed shopper and to know exactly what earrings to buy for your sensitive skin. Here is a brief guide to earrings for sensitive ears.

Tips and tricks on how to find the best earrings for sensitive ears

Jewellery can be made of many different materials, most of which are unlikely to irritate your skin. The one metal that is well known to cause an allergic response is nickel. With this in mind, one of the best ways to choose earrings for sensitive ears is to check that they are nickel-free. If there is no label indicating this, ask the vendor to tell you whether or not there is nickel in the posts. If you buy 9ct gold or sterling silver earrings, ask about the composition of metals used in their manufacture.

What earrings should I wear if I am allergic?

As we’ve already mentioned, you should steer clear of nickel, but there are also some other things you should look out for. Look for earrings that are free of nickel and other base metals that can cause allergic reactions, as well as sterling silver, and 9ct gold. The epoxy bonding glues commonly used in the manufacture of earrings have also been known to cause allergic reactions. Ear Sense’s earrings are free of all of these components.

Do not assume that jewellery marked as hypoallergenic will work

If you pick up a pair of earrings and see a label declaring that they are hypoallergenic, don’t just assume that they will be good for your sensitive skin. It may be that the manufacturer has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that these pieces of jewellery are safe, but there are no standards in the jewellery industry setting out the meaning and requirements of the term ‘hypoallergenic,’ so there is no guarantee that the product will be safe for you.  

Ear Sense has set its own standard for the creation of hypoallergenic jewellery. Our earrings are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic and nickel-free. This applies to the entire earring, not just the post, so all parts of our earrings are safe for contact with your sensitive skin. We use a proprietary titanium alloy, contain no allergens and are guaranteed to be wearable without any allergic reactions, for a lifetime.

Best choice – gold, platinum, silver

Sterling silver and 9ct gold both contain other metals. In the case of 9ct gold, only 37.5% is actually gold, with the rest being made of a variable mix of other metals. These are known to cause allergic reactions. At Ear Sense, we craft our jewellery from a proprietary titanium alloy, which is guaranteed not to cause any allergic reactions.

Other safe material choices – stainless steel, titanium, plastic and niobium

It is best to steer clear of stainless steel, since it contains nickel as a key ingredient. However, you can opt for other metals such as titanium and niobium. Some earrings are made with metal backs and plastic posts, to make them safe for people with sensitive skin to wear.

Our products are available to purchase direct to the public from our website, making us the number one source of earrings for sensitive ears online. Ear Sense is a well-established brand that has created hypoallergenic earrings for distribution in pharmacies and other retailers in Ireland and across Europe. To date, we have sold more than 10 million pairs of earrings since 1989.

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