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Shop our stunning range of earring gift packs for sensitive skin

Looking for the perfect earring gift packs? Gift the special people in your life exquisite earring gift packs made with hypoallergenic material for delicate skin. Our gift sets are designed to perfection with classic and trendy matching pieces, paired with a beautiful gift box that can be delivered straight to your recipient’s home. 

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Why Should I Choose Hypoallergenic Earring Gift Packs?

Everyone loves receiving earrings as gifts but skin irritation is not fun. Even if you do not know for sure if your recipient has sensitive skin, someone can develop a reaction to nickel and other jewellery material seemingly out of the blue. You wouldn’t want to gift your loved ones with material that can cause them potential harm. 

Choosing hypoallergenic material is the best choice you can make as it won’t cause any potential skin irritation or allergic reaction. You won’t find any nickel in our gift packs and we take great care to ensure that every part of your jewellery (and not just the stud) is hypoallergenic. We have a lifetime guarantee that the gift pack you choose will not irritate someone’s sensitive skin. 

When To Gift Hypoallergenic Earring Gift Packs?

Celebrate any special occasion with our range of hypoallergenic earring gift packs. Ear Sense has a wide range of stunning styles and matching gift sets to pair with a happy occasion. You have a choice between individual earrings or earring gift packs.

Even if there is no special occasion, an earring gift pack is a wonderful way to show someone how much they mean to you. Choose an earring gift pack as a thoughtful gift to let your partner and loved ones know how much you love them. 

What Styles Are Included In Our Gift Packs?

Ear Sense provides you with a range of beautiful styles and designs to choose from. We have many styles to choose from (and we are regularly adding new styles to the list!!). You can choose a design that suits your recipient or a particular gift for a special occasion. Some of our exquisite earring gift sets include: 

If your recipient has a favourite colour, you can find their perfect match by browsing through our colour category. Some of the colours we have available include baby pink, blue, clear, gold, pearl, purple, red, silver, and turquoise gift sets. 

Which Is Better For Sensitive Ears: Titanium Or Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel may contain nickel – which irritates those with sensitive ears or skin. Choosing stainless steel products will make your recipient break out in a rash or experience an allergic reaction that can lead to further skin issues down the line. It is always best to choose jewellery that contains a form of titanium, which is known to cause less irritation. 

Our earrings are made using a proprietary titanium alloy that contains no known allergens. We ensure the material used for all of our products surpasses every standard of metal purity worldwide.

Send A Special Gift Straight To Someone’s Door!

Ear Sense provides online delivery straight to your recipient’s home!

No need to go through the lengthy process of shopping at different stores to find the perfect gift. Simply browse through our gift range to find the perfect gift for your recipient. Once you select your gift, choose your recipient’s address to give them a special surprise. You can also have it delivered to your home if you want to surprise them yourself. Each gift set is paired with an elegant gift box (depending on the gift you choose).

Make their day by browsing through our beautiful gift packs to choose the perfect gift today!

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