How To Care For Pearls (A Quick, Handy Guide)

Pearls are soft and need special care in order to avoid getting scratched or tarnished. We receive a lot of questions about how to take the best care of our pearl earrings, so we decided to post a quick, handy guide.

 …just toss your pearls
into a jewellery box, as
other items may scratch them.
…store your pearls in a soft
jewellery pouch or in their own
earring box.
 …expose them to strong
chemicals such as perfume, vinegar,
lemon juice or make up.
 …take pearls off when
applying makeup or any
other cosmetics.
 …expose pearls to any industrial
cleaner or polisher.
 …only use jewellery cleaners
marked safe for pearls
 …use an ultrasonic cleaner or a
steam cleaner.
 …clean them by hand.
…use a toothbrush or any other
type of brush to clean your pearls.
 …use a soft cloth, such as
a microfibre one.

We hope you found our little guide handy! If you still have some questions, feel free to Contact Us!

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