How to pair earrings and necklaces

How to pair earrings and necklaces

The secret to accessorising is creating a perfect balance between your favourite pieces. It is a matter of selecting items that complement one another. Sometimes an interesting contrast is preferable to an exact match. When it comes to pairing earrings and necklaces, there are a number of ways you can create the right effect. These tips will help.

Pair a bold necklace and stud earrings

The key to pairing necklaces and earrings is to make good use of contrast. Try not to wear two bold, flashy items; they will only clash with one another. If you want to wear an attention-catching necklace, match it with an elegant, understated pair of earrings. Opposites attract, so if you are going to wear a big statement necklace, don’t choose equally bold earrings that will dampen its impact. Wear a pair of elegant studs instead. They will offset one another, both having a chance to shine in their own way.

Match contrasting shapes

Some may think that you should choose matching shapes when pairing earrings and necklaces. The opposite is usually true; pairing necklaces with earrings that have the same shape can create an effect that is a little overwhelming. Instead, to ensure that your outfit has a cohesive look and style, it is best to choose items with contrasting shapes. Pair circular earrings with a necklace featuring square or angular shapes. Experiment with various shapes – each combination creates a unique effect. 

Take a bold approach to colour coordination

When choosing the colours of your necklace and earrings, you could take the orthodox route and select pieces of the same colour, or colours that conventional wisdom deems complementary. On the other hand, you could experiment a little and create some eye-catching contrasts. Choose a two-tone necklace that incorporates both gold and silver in its design. You can then pair that with the earrings of your choice. It is important to keep colours on a neutral shade to prevent them from overpowering the others. 

Mix sparkle and colour

The matching of sparkle and colour is a classic approach to jewellery – it has become a classic precisely because it works so well. Choose a necklace with a bold and colourful gemstone, and pair it with a small, sparkly pair of earrings. The contrast will keep your pairing fresh and fun. It will work just as well if you take the reverse approach.

Choose different types of materials

To create a striking, contrasting effect, try matching jewellery made from different materials. For example, you could match a colourful beaded necklace with a pair of plain metal earrings. 

Add a personal touch

Fashion rules are mostly just guidelines. In the end, the look you choose should suit your personality, and you shouldn’t be afraid to add a personal touch or be a little quirky. Add a little fun by choosing a theme that means something to you. It could be a particular shape or images and designs that relate to your favourite animal, your birthday or your astrological chart. Pick out pieces that you feel work best with your chosen themes. You could make the theme your signature look or change it up to suit the occasion. Once you have settled on a look and made it your own, the rules won’t really matter anymore!

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