How to wear jewellery

How to wear jewellery – The right way

How to wear jewellery is a personal choice that is based on your personality, look and comfort. At Ear Sense, we do not believe there is a right or wrong way to wear your earrings and jewellery but there are some tips that can just make the process more enjoyable and charming. Read on to find out more.

Consider your earrings

While getting dressed and focusing on your outfit, makeup and nails, it may be easy to forget about your earrings. However, remember, your earrings are one of the first pieces of jewellery that are noticed as they appear in the field of vision of the person(s) you are speaking to. Even though there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to selecting earrings, choose sets that complement the shape of your face and skin tone.

If you have long flowing hair, wear brightly-coloured earrings that are visible through your beautiful mane. If you have a cut short bob, use long dangly earrings that enhance your face and neck.

Don’t forget to change your earrings

Each of us has been guilty of this, especially with multiple piercings. You end up wearing the same earrings for days or even weeks on end. Changing your earrings gives you the opportunity to clean them, reducing the risk of them rusting or giving you an infection. You can also change your earrings often to help showcase your personality and complete each outfit every day of the week.

So, how do you do this?

Buy a multipack such as the ones from Ear Sense and wear a different one every week. If you have a special occasion, though, choose sparkly, dangly earrings to complete your outfits.

We recommend taking some time off this weekend to go through your jewellery box and find earrings that you have not worn in a while. Start by giving them a thorough clean and polish, giving them a new lease of life.

Earrings have to match

Traditionally, we have been taught that earrings always had to match and be symmetrical. However, in the last few years trends have changed and you may want to throw this rule out. Adopt asymmetry by mixing and matching different styles for that quirky look. Be intentional with your style and choose different aesthetics of eclectic earrings to stand out.

This is a great trend that you can try at any time with the earrings you have at home. Try a combination of a long, dangly earring on one ear and a gemstone stud on the other. If you have multiple piercings, go wild with different ones on each to create your own unique look.

You do not have to be restricted by just mixing looks and styles but also metals. Try a combination of gold and silver or rose gold and dull gold to find what works for you.

At Ear Sense, we aim to make you fall in love with earrings and jewellery all over again. We hope our tips on how to wear jewellery and earrings have helped. Why not visit the Ear Sense website to purchase your favourite earrings today?

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