How virtual try-ons help you buy earrings online

How virtual try-ons help you buy earrings online

Online shopping has revolutionised the way we shop but brick and mortar stores still have an edge as customers can try on their products before making the purchase. But with the advent of virtual try-on technology, this may change soon too. More and more businesses, especially in the fashion industry, more specifically jewellery brands that sell earrings and necklaces, are jumping onto the virtual try-on bandwagon to give their customers a more rounded and holistic shopping experience. Ear Sense explains in detail.

What is a virtual try-on?

Simply put, a virtual try-on uses augmented reality to allow potential customers to ‘try on’ a product without touching it. This is done using the camera of personal devices such as phones or laptops that can capture the images in real-time. Customers can browse through a range of products and see how they suit them without entering the store. The first retail giant to use this technology back in 2012 was Converse that offered customers a peek into how their shoes would look on them through immersive technology.

Virtual try-ons have been around us for a few years now. However, its popularity must be attributed to social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat (think funny filters) as they have contributed to more advancements in facial recognition, 3D modelling and machine-learning, all of which are essential for a perfect virtual try-on.

The benefits of a virtual try-on?

Augmented reality and virtual try-ons are exciting for consumers as it provides a convenient and more futuristic shopping experience. Through smart mirrors in stores or mobile apps that support virtual try-on technology, customers can ‘try on’ earrings, necklace sets, and other jewellery products with the touch of a button. 

According to a 2019 report by Appriss Retail, total losses due to merchandise returns in the US alone accounted for $309 billion. This is where virtual try-ons can be a gamechanger as it gives the consumers the capability to determine if a product looks good on them before purchase, thereby reducing the need for returns. Consumers who use virtual try-ons usually take pictures of themselves to share with friends and family to ask how the product looks. With positive affirmations, they buy the product instantly and the need to return it reduces considerably.

With virtual try-on technology, customers can view how earrings and other jewellery, clothes or accessories suit them before buying, saving them time and effort of going into a store. This can be done from any location or the comfort of their homes.

Consumers and retail stores can save on time as the latter can use the digital inventory online without the need to be presented with every product at the store.

Finally, consumers are much more engaged in the shopping experiences that involve augmented reality. Since the beginning of 2020, brands that have incorporated AR have seen an increase of 20% in consumer engagement rates with conversion rates going up to 90%!

If you are looking to experience the virtual try-on technology for some stunning earrings, why not visit the Ear Sense website today? We assure you, you are going to love it!

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