How to master the art of taking the perfect jewellery selfie

How to master the art of taking the perfect jewellery selfie

Social media is the perfect way to display your beautiful jewellery selfies. It can however be tricky to capture the perfect shot. You don’t have to be an expert photographer to master the art of taking good jewellery selfies. All you need is to use the right technique and lighting. Here are some tips to capture Instagram-worthy shots of that precious bling you wear. 


You need good natural lighting or you can use indirect light sources to get the best lighting for your jewellery. You can take your shoot outside while you wear those beautiful charms or a stunning piece of jewellery. You can also position yourself in front of a window with bright light coming in. Try using a bathroom that has great overhead lighting. Try different angles to see which light works best for your jewellery. Bright sunlight or light will sometimes create shadows so try using a white sheet of paper to diffuse the shadows. You can try using a lightbox or light tent. 

Another way to establish good lighting is to use apps and photo editors to help to edit your photo lighting and contrast. There as many photo editor apps available online and you can choose free or paid depending on your budget.

The rule of thirds

The rule of three is a design term and concept that helps selfies. For this concept, you don’t centre your photo instead use your screen’s 3×3 grid. Use the lines to position your photo according to the lines of the grid. Check your phone for this option and follow the concept to ensure better picture focus. 

Think about your background

The focus should be on your necklace, earrings, or pendants, not the background. Too many background items will divert attention from your piece of jewellery. Crop your picture to focus on your item. If you have to do a shot that requires more background, try using a plain background or white background. If you want, you can try matching the background to the jewellery but try not to use colours that will wash out the colour of the jewel.

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