Mother's Day traditions around the world

Mother’s Day traditions around the world

Mother’s Day jewellery is a common gift in every country. There are prominent mother’s day traditions and jewellery choices around the world but the message remains the same – honouring the love of a mother. Take a look at some of the mother’s day traditions around the world below:


Mother’s Day in India is celebrated in the second week of May. It is a fairly new holiday, and although it is not a public holiday, it is widely celebrated in India. Many choose to gift their mothers with flowers, pendants, gemstones, and other jewellery to show their appreciation for their mothers. A special tradition particularly in India is where children take care of the cooking for their mothers on the day. 


Mother’s Day in Japan is also celebrated in the second week of May. Special events are held throughout the day where stores give out discounts and schools prepare programmes to honour mothers. Kids love to make special gifts for their mothers or gift them with carnations or a piece of jewellery to show mom how much she means to the whole family. 


In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day is celebrated for 3 days which starts in the second week of May. The Mother’s Day festival is called Antrosht and is celebrated by the whole family to celebrate the special occasion. The whole family gets together to create a special meal for mom. Gifts are sometimes given as a token of their appreciation of mom.


Mother’s Day in Ireland falls on March 27th this year. The day, which was first celebrated as Mothering Sunday in the Middle Ages, used to always fall on the fourth week of Lent. Today this date changes yearly depending on the dates in which Easter and Lent falls. Mothers receive bouquets and beautiful gifts such as jewellery and earrings from their kids and spouses during this time. 


Mother’s Day in France is celebrated around the end of May, with traditional flowers, perfumes, and jewellery as gifts for Mothers. France calls the celebration for mothers “Fête des Mère” and has been celebrated since 1806.

Mother’s Day around the world honours the beauty of mothers. The one item all countries have in common is jewellery being used as a means to show their love and appreciation for mothers. 

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