A guide to the most popular earring styles

A Guide To The Most Popular Earring Styles

There are so many earring styles available and finding the right ones to suit your look and budget can be extremely time-consuming. Do you prefer studs or hoops? Or perhaps a less common style? How do you decide? Here is a quick guide to the most popular earrings on the market and how to choose them. 

The Most Popular Earring Styles

Most likely, you will not select only one style of earring for your jewellery box. Rather, you will want to have a variety to choose from, depending on the outfit and occasion. There are three jewellery box staples that you must have. They are as follows:

  • Hoops
  • Drops
  • Studs

As long as your collection includes variations of these three styles, you should have everything you need to suit your different outfits.

Studs are small earrings that rest directly against the earlobe. They can either be plain metal, or feature a centre stone of some kind. Hoops come in many different designs, styles and materials. 

You may prefer huggie hoops, or encrusted, posted hoops – flat hoops or two-tone hoops. The common characteristic of all these designs is that they form perfect circles, often being taken as symbols for infinity or unity – much like the rings we wear on our fingers. 

Drops are essentially a modified design of studs. Instead of the stone or metal piece being placed within the perimeter of the earlobe, it hangs below the earlobe. Dangles are similar to drops, except they hang a little lower and move more freely.

How To Pick The Perfect Earrings

How should you select the perfect earrings then? When you buy earrings, consider not only your aesthetic preferences, but also the variety of outfits in your wardrobe, and the sorts of occasions you will want to wear them for. Studs are simple and understated and they can work really well for formal events and everyday wear. What makes the difference is the design and the stone included in it (or lack thereof). Hoops are also incredibly versatile, but they work mainly as a way to elevate any look. They can add a touch of pizzazz to a casual or work outfit and are great options to complement your best dresses on those big nights out. Drops and dangles serve a similar function. They are great for formal events and parties.

Another important thing to consider is the material your earrings are made of – especially if you have sensitive ears. If you want beautiful earrings that are also hypoallergenic, do your shopping at Ear Sense. We specialise in crafting earrings in all the latest, most popular styles, while ensuring that your ears remain free of the side effects that come from metals such as nickel. If you need nickel-free earrings and hypoallergenic earrings, browse through our extensive range of hoops, studs and drops. With us, it is easy to find your perfect earring styles online – use our virtual try-on service to make sure that the jewellery you select is just right.

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