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Go for Hypoallergenic Gold Earrings

Did you know that the Minoans of Ancient Greece were wearing gold earrings long before Christ? Pirates wore gold earrings believing that they would improve their vision across the open seas. These days hypoallergenic gold earrings are worn by everybody – men, women, young, old, gay, straight – purely for their decorative function.

What Makes Gold So Popular?

Gold has always been a symbol of status. Think of sporting prestige where the gold medal is always the top prize. The allure of gold continues.

Rose gold has been trending for the past few years and has become a staple of fashion and design. Rose gold earrings are feminine and beautiful and complement all skin tones.

This amalgam contains pure gold mixed with silver and copper alloys. The silver and copper alloys are added to gold to increase its tensile strength, thus making it more malleable and workable by jewellers. The alloys are also what create the unique colour.

Gold cubic zirconia earrings give a stylish addition to any classic or contemporary look. CZs are now almost impossible to distinguish from diamonds and have reached a point where their brilliance is on par with natural diamonds. Many people prefer to wear manufactured gems due to the environmental and social impact of diamond mining – making cubics ideal in terms of beauty and conscience.

Why Gold is a Good Option for Sensitive Ears

If you have problems wearing pierced earrings and they cause a rash or irritation, you may have a condition called contact dermatitis which is exacerbated by certain elements in your jewellery.

Certain earrings can make you feel itchy, and your ears become red and inflamed. This is usually caused by a metal called nickel. Nickel is used in almost all jewellery as a base metal to add durability and strength. But for people with skin allergies, it can be hard to find the best earrings for sensitive ears.

You need to switch to nickel-free gold earrings and jewellery so that you can look stylish without the irritation. The EU Nickel Directive limits the amount of nickel exposure from wearing earrings and other jewellery. You can confidently give nickel-free earrings as a gift because they are comfortable, stylish, and will last a lifetime.

Depending on your chosen style, preferred colour, and the durability of the metal, you can choose between white, yellow, or rose gold and still stay on top of earring trends. There’s something for all tastes.

Gold Earrings – Ireland

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