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The Popularity of Nickel Free Hypoallergenic Pearl Earrings

Here is a pearl of wisdom: historically, pearl earrings are reported to provide protection and bring wealth and good luck. Just as these gemstones are a metaphor for rare, admirable, and valuable qualities, so nickel free hypoallergenic pearl earrings indicate the wearer’s purity, integrity, and generosity.

The allure of these beauties lies in their nacre, which produces mother of pearl, and iridescence, which refers to their changeable colour.

How Are Pearls Made?

Whether natural or cultured, pearls form when an irritant of sorts enters the soft tissue of a mollusc (an invertebrate animal). The creature then manufactures layers of nacre around this particle, resulting in a hard, glistening object. Not surprisingly, they have come to symbolise wisdom gained from experience.

Because this so rarely happens naturally in the wild, natural pearls are the most valuable. Grown in freshwater or saltwater pearl farms, cultured pearls occur when an irritant is manually inserted into the mollusc. Both saltwater and freshwater versions come in many different colours, with a trend towards pink pearl earrings.

Pearls are composed of a minute crystalline formula of calcium carbonate, the same as the molluscs’ shells, that is layered concentrically around the “bud”. When the result is perfectly round and smooth, you get an ideal speciman. Baroque varieties are uniquely misshapen and enchanting.

Although pearls are mostly used in jewellery and occasionally to embellish clothing, they have also been ground as an ingredient in make-up, medicines, and paint.

There are also inexpensive, imitation types that are made of pearlescent coated glass or plastic.

What Makes Pearl Earrings Valuable?

Historically found in the Persian Gulf, natural pearls have been harvested so much as to make them exceedingly rare and therefore expensive too. According to Elisabeth Strack’s 2006 book, “Pearls”, jeweller Pierre Cartier purchased his mansion (now New York Cartier store) on Fifth Avenue in exchange for a double strand of these elusive gems. When this took place in 1917, the necklace was valued at US$1 million!

The value of both natural and cultivated pearls is determined by:

The size of the pearl – traditionally measured using the Japanese momme weight.

Top tip: big pearl earrings are obviously the way to go!

Their overall shape, be it round, oval, drop, or irregularly shaped baroque.

The symmetry of their shape.
A smooth and blemish-free surface.
Most importantly, their lustre or shininess.

Where Can I Buy Pearl Earrings?

If you are looking for hypoallergenic pearl earrings that are ideal for sensitive ears, we have a huge selection in stock. From traditional double pearl earrings to nickel free hypoallergenic pearl earrings in all sizes, colours, and styles – Ear Sense is your one stop online shop.

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