Rose Gold Earrings

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The Rise and Rise of Rose Gold Earrings

Hypoallergenic rose gold earrings are a stylish option as they cover a range of reddish, pink, and rose shades. The metal itself is considered one of the most romantic jewellery metals and this explains its enduring popularity.

What Makes Rose Gold Special?

This beautiful amalgam has one of the warmest tones possible in metal and has a calm, soothing effect. The warm rose hue complements almost every skin tone and brings out the blush tone of the wearer’s skin. Not only does it complement your skin, but it also complements other jewellery elements that it can be paired with – like diamonds, gems, and pearls.

Rose gold is a combination of gold and copper (and other elements), the ratio of gold to copper affects the pinkish tone of the gold. It could be a pale pink-yellow or pink-orange or even a deep pink.

Rose gold jewellery holds a special meaning for those who buy it for themselves or as a gift. Women often choose rose gold engagement rings because of their vintage look. The rose gold colour makes the ring look like it is an heirloom – giving it a higher perceived value.

The Popularity of Rose Gold Earrings

But why are rose gold earrings so popular today? Well, fashion experts agree that the metal is modern, romantic, and unexpected. It has been described as having a friendly, quirky glow and is bubbly, cheerful, and accessible. Its warmth and femininity make it a popular choice which conveys luxury and calm.

There is a belief that white gold signifies friendship, yellow gold stands for faithfulness, and rose gold represents love – making it the perfect gift for a loved one. Many people see rose gold as a modern alternative to yellow and white gold so it’s the ideal gift for someone who prides themselves on being “non-traditional”. Others find the girly rose-tinted gold perfectly feminine.

The mixed metal trend is continuing, encouraging people to add rose gold into their jewellery collection. It is a superb partner to silver, yellow gold, and white gold, so you should expect to see plenty more nickel free rose gold earrings in your favourite brands and stores in the coming seasons!

Whatever your style is – contemporary, classic, boho chic, etc – there is a pair of earrings for you in this lovely hue. Mix up studs and drop earrings, mix metals, be original and feminine in a beautiful pair of earrings for sensitive ears in this versatile finish.

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