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Buy Hypoallergenic Silver Earrings Online in Ireland

Trending amongst the fashionista crowd, silver earrings are in high demand at the moment. So much so that it has been noted that silver is the new gold! Have you ever wondered what makes hypoallergenic silver earrings so popular?

Health Benefits of Silver

Thanks to its chemical composition, silver boasts antimicrobial properties. Because the ions in silver kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria using the oligodynamic effect, silver is used as an antibacterial agent.

Currently, silver is found in dressings and ointments used to treat burns, in some water purification systems, and even woven into fabric to kill off odour-causing bacteria. Even without contemporary studies to prove it, Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) claimed this metal had healing properties, ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine used it, and royalty ate off it.

Considering that 8% to 19% of adults in Europe are allergic to nickel, knowing that your sterling silver earrings are hypoallergenic is a relief for many. Avoid the itchy, red rash of allergic contact dermatitis by choosing hypoallergenic earrings instead. As one of the least allergenic metals, silver is one of the safest to touch your body and the best option for jewellery lovers with sensitive skins.

Silver’s Spiritual Side

The mirror-like properties of silver make it the most reflective metal. It is also a cool metal. These characteristics combined encourage tranquil self-reflection. Unsurprisingly, then, Tibetan meditation uses silver spinners to assuage anxiety and stress while promoting calm.

Just about every belief system attributes some metaphysical meaning to this chemical element. From feminine, lunar energies to mentions in the Bible and Qu’ran, silver has stood the test of time.

Why Choose Silver Earrings?

Mined from beneath the earth’s crust, silver has enchanted us with its sophistication and timelessness for millennia. Because pure silver is too soft to be functional, a small amount of another metal is added to increase durability. Sterling silver requires that 92.5% of the alloy must be silver.

From an adornment point of view, jewellers love working with a metal that is:

  • Light weight
  • Incredibly durable and scratch resistant
  • Easily polished
  • Able to be treated with rhodium for a high-gloss finish that also makes it tarnish-resistant
  • Affordable, and therefore also open to more experimental designs
  • Shaped into nickel free silver earrings for sensitive ears.

Silver Earrings – Ireland

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