Silver Encrusted Half Moon Studs


Silver Encrusted Half Moon Studs


  • 7mm silver half-moon studs,
  • hypoallergenic, nickel free and ideal for sensitive ears,
  • clear crystal insert,
  • titanium alloy,
  • butterfly or disc backings.


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100% hypoallergenic
and nickel-free.

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Silver Encrusted Half Moon Studs


The crescent moon symbolizes change, intuition, and feminine energy. Wearing these earrings connects us to the celestial realm, invoking a sense of mystery and wonder. The sleek crescent shape exudes elegance. Their minimalist design complements any outfit, from casual to formal and they transition seamlessly from day to night, adding a touch of celestial magic.

For some, the crescent moon represents phases of life—full, and waning. These earrings can hold personal significance, reminding us of growth and transformation.

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