Styling your ear constellation the correct way

Styling your ear constellation the correct way

Ear constellations are a key component of winter jewellery trends for 2021-22 across the fashion industry. These constellation piercings, usually three or more, are placed to create unique patterns on the ear lobe. Whether you like the minimalistic look or love to stand out, we have you covered! So, is there a right way to style multiple piercings and ear constellations? Read on to find out more from Ear Sense.

Add some sparkle

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle in their lives? Add eye-catching designs with just the right bit of sheen and shimmer to your ears with our most popular Silver and Gold stud earring multipacks. These studs are available in a range of sizes to create intricate designs and constellations that go with every look and outfit.

Pearls of wisdom

It was Jackie Kennedy, First Lady and major fashion influence who said, “Pearls are always appropriate.” And here, at Ear Sense, we couldn’t agree more. Pearl earrings are a classic, timeless and must-have accessory in every women’s personal jewellery collection. The multipack of pearl earrings from Ear Sense consists of a variety of sizes ranging from 4mm to 10mm pearl studs that can be curated on your ear to make beautiful patterns. Make a stunning statement by adding a cluster of pearls and diamond studs in combination for a glamorous and sophisticated aesthetic.

Keep it simple with some studs

For those who prefer a more minimalistic look, we recommend buying our 3mm and 4mm gold and silver studs as seconds or thirds to create a layered and interesting look. Pair these with other metal-based studs or hooped earrings to create more complexity. Our dainty shaped-studs, especially in different metals or textures, are simple and delicate. 

For those who are looking to curate their own interesting ear constellations, we recommend using planetary-themed earrings such as sun, moon and stars, which are always a winner.

What to know before getting multiple ear piercings

With the growing popularity of ear constellations and curated piercings over the last few years, it is also important to do your own research before delving in.

Best ear shape for multiple piercings

Every ear is unique, just like your fingerprints. And so, there is no best or perfect ear shape to jump onto this trend. However, the space of the area on the ear can affect the placement of the piercings. The more space, the more piercings you can get and vice versa. 

How many piercings can you do in one sitting

Experts recommend not getting more than three piercings on the cartilage in one go. This is to avoid shock to the system as well as reduce the possibility of infections. Remember, the more number of piercings you get in one sitting, the more time your body will take to heal.

Is it very painful to have multiple piercings

Most people who have multiple piercings are of the opinion that it is less painful and more a feeling of pressure. If you are apprehensive, though, remember, a piercing is quick and over before you know it.

How to avoid infections

Following the proper aftercare instructions after your piercings is critical to maintain the area and avoid infections.

Tips for piercing sensitive ears

Ear Sense, suppliers of stunning hypoallergenic earrings, outline the following tips for sensitive ears: 

  1. Only buy hypoallergenic metals and brands
  2. Avoid earrings that have nickel in them 
  3. Always test wear new earrings 
  4. Apply a clear coat of nail varnish on the post of the earring to create an additional barrier
  5. Alternatively, you can apply vaseline 
  6. Keep earrings clean to avoid bacterial infections
  7. Always visit a professional for your piercings for additional hygiene and safety

Now that you know all you need to know about multiple piercings and ear constellations, why not shop for the best winter earring trends for 2021-22 on the Ear Sense website today?

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