The rules of mixing and matching your jewellery

The rules of mixing and matching your jewellery

Trends keep changing and one of the most innovative ones in the fashion industry is mixing and matching your jewellery. Gone are the days when the rule of thumb dictated you wear the same matching set to enhance your outfit. With the advent of social media influencers and fashionistas, mixing and matching jewellery, such as earrings, have revolutionised the way you dress. If you are uncertain how to do it, Ear Sense has some tips and tricks for you.

Think of the occasion

As is the case with your outfits, you need to pick out your earrings and other jewellery according to the occasion. There would be pieces in your jewellery box that are too formal and extravagant to wear every day while others may not be suitable for high-profile events. You must be mindful of where you are going and for what purpose while selecting your jewellery.

If you have been invited to a special event such as a wedding or formal event, you can show off your more elegant, formal pieces of jewellery. Earring sets with gemstones or diamantes can be the perfect pick.

However, if you are going for casual outings or to college and school, you can pick trendy, fun earrings and other accessories to go with a more laid back style that matches your outfit.

Which earrings should you wear?

Earrings are one of the most important pieces of jewellery you would adorn as there is a chance that most people who interact with you notice them. They can be used to enhance your outfits, appearance and even elevate your mood. Ear Sense explains how you can choose just the right earrings based on hairstyles and occasions.

1.  Long hair: Your long lustrous hair usually covers most earrings. It is recommended to choose striking studs in bright colours, pearls or black onyx for a more casual look. Alternatively, you can also opt for long, dangling earrings in vibrant colours to create a more trendy aesthetic.

2.  Bobs and pixie cuts: A fun hairstyle calls for fun earrings! Choose trendy styles such as ear climbers, earring jackets and cuffs with crystals and diamonds to enhance your face and bone structure. 

3.   Bun: You would wear your hair in a bun for more formal events and pairing it with long earrings or hoops can accentuate your beautiful neck and shoulders.

Based on outfit

1.  Formal gowns or dresses: A classic diamond earring can suit any formal outfit. Pair your diamonds with other precious gemstones and you will be the talk of the town. It’s no surprise that diamonds are referred to as a girl’s best friend!

2.  Casual style: Mix and match your earrings in combinations of black, white, and gold for a fun, quirky look.

Finally, wear earrings in contrasting colours to each other as well as your outfit. If you want to stand out – use a colour wheel and opt for colours right opposite each other and go crazy with contrasts.

Pair everyday jewellery with special jewellery

Jewellery is considered an extension of your personality. So, if you have your favourite pieces, wear them as often as you want. Pair your gold watch with stunning diamante earrings to create your own unique aesthetic.

For more information on mixing and matching your earrings and jewellery, visit the Ear Sense website to choose amazing pieces. Use our virtual try-on tool to see how these pieces suit you even before you make the purchase.

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