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Welcome to our
Virtual Try-On Guide!

We are delighted to introduce our state-of-the-art Virtual Try-On! We designed it specifically to give you the best possible idea on the real size of our earrings – and to let you try them on with different creations if needed! Of course, a little bit of ebb and flow will always occur, depending on the photo you use, but we’ve put our hearts and minds into making sure the size of earrings displayed is as close to the physical one as possible.

To make the experience smooth and enjoyable, we’ve put together a simple, illustrated guide.

Where to find it?

You can find our Virtual Try-On with one simple click.
On the product page, you will see an eye icon. Click on it to launch the widget. 

Virtual Try-On - Screenshot 2021 10 05 115939

How to use it?

Our Try-On has 4 main options + an extra “Select and move” feature.

Virtual Try-On - Screenshot 2021 10 05 120033

A) Size buttons. Some of our earrings come in many different sizes, some just in one. If the earring comes in few different sizes, several of the size buttons will be a darker pink. If just in one – only one button will be dark pink.

B) Add image. If you happen to have some fantastic selfies and would like to upload one of them instead of taking a photo with our built-in camera, that’s the option for you.

C) A built-in camera (on mobiles the camera can be selected after clicking Add image). It allows you to take a photo of yourself, which then is automatically loaded into the Try-On, so that you can try on our earrings hassle-free!

D) Variats. Not all of our earrings come in different colour variations, but those that do will have them displayed on the right side of the Try-On. To view a variation, simply click on the colour you’re interested in, and on the desired size button. Rinse and repeat!

Select and move feature

Computers are smart – but not as smart as we are. That’s why we included the “Select and move” feature in our Try-On, so that you can place our earrings just where you think they fit best! Simply click and hold (or tap and hold, if you’re using the mobile version), and select the earring by moving your cursor (or finger!). Once you let go, you should see a pink selection. Now you can rotate the earring (using the top “square”), adjust its size (using the other “squares”) and drag and drop it.

Virtual Try-On - Screenshot 2021 10 05 120107

Presentation video

We hope you enjoy your experience with our virtual Try-On!
If you have any questions or are experiencing any technical difficulties (we hope not!), please don’t hesitate to drop us a line using the Contact Us form.

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