Why You Shouldn't Wear The Same Earrings 24_7

Why You Shouldn’t Wear The Same Earrings 24/7

Should you be wearing the same earrings 24/7? You may have a favourite pair of earrings you put on every day. You aren’t alone. Most people wear the same earrings every day either out of habit or to avoid changing them. Not changing your earrings however can come with some health risks. Find out more info below.

Should You Wear Earrings Every Day?

We all love earrings so why not wear a different pair every day? Whether you wear the same earrings every day depends on your preference. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a new pair every day. If you are an earring lover, you can pair your earring with your outfit, mood, or occasion you are attending.

Is It Bad To Leave Earrings In All The Time?

It can be bad to wear earrings 24/7. It is advisable to take your favourite earrings off from time to time to let your ears “breathe”. The reason behind this is that your earrings could trap dirt and bacteria (or shampoo) if you leave them on 24/7, which can lead to infections. To prevent this, take off your earrings when you sleep, clean out your earrings regularly and follow proper hygiene protocols. Cleaning out your earrings will help you get rid of dead skin cells and can also prevent them from losing their beautiful shine. You can clean your earrings with soap and water or try a professional cleaner. 

You can also risk tearing your skin if you wear hoops or earrings that dangle to bed or experience headaches if you sleep on your side. In addition to this, those with sensitive skin can also experience a reaction or rash if you wear an earring made from a material that’s not compatible with your skin type. Visit a doctor should you experience any issues.  Thankfully, EarSense specialises in earrings for sensitive ears. Consider changing your earrings and backs to the nickel free earrings and backs available to purchase from EarSense.
There is however an exception to the 24/7 rule. If you have new piercings, it is advisable to leave your earring on until the pierced hole heals. In this case, it is best to ask for a stud with new ear piercings as studs pose less of a risk to sleep in than bigger earrings or hoops. If you are prone to sensitive skin and ears, try the Ear Sense range of stud earrings.

How Long Can You Wear Earrings

If it is not a new ear piercing, you can wear your earrings for as long as you want (provided that you clean out your earrings regularly and do not sleep with them). Choose an earring to help you to match your style and make you look and feel beautiful.

If you experience a bad rash or allergic reaction, you likely need to let your ears breathe or you need to change your earrings to a more hypoallergenic option. Luckily, you can find a pair of 100% hypoallergenic earrings for sensitive ears at Ear Sense. Ear Sense earrings are nickel-free and have a lifetime guarantee of no unwanted reactions.

We understand that you may want to wear your favourite pair of earrings every day but changing your earrings is not only important to let your ears breathe – it will allow you to try out new, beautiful earrings. There is no better feeling than pairing a good pair of earrings to a matching outfit. From drop earrings for a date night to pearl earrings for classier occasions, Ear Sense has a pair of earrings for every occasion and mood. Try out the multi-packs available to easily switch up your earrings. 

Wearing the same earrings 24/7 will make you miss out on our beautiful collection of earrings – view our range here!

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